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Good Practices and Tips For Affiliate Marketing

Understand your audience

The best and most successful way to utilize affiliate programs is to promote offers, services, and products that only match the needs of your audience. You should put into consideration the reason why the clients are visiting your site in the first place. What are their wants? What are you doing to meet their wants? You should, therefore, make sure that you only promote affiliate products that offer solutions to your audience’s needs.

Be trustworthy

Readers tend to be smart. They follow an affiliate link when they see it. Do not take advantage of your reader’s trust and expose them to too many advertisements or promoting products you don’t have much faith with. Under any of these circumstances, they may leave your website never to come back again. (more…)

A Guide on How to Tell If Affiliate Marketing is for You

So maybe you are asking; how do I know affiliate marketing is good for me? Well, you need to possess a few if not all of these qualities.

Creativity and marketing skills

First, you need to be creative and have the capability to come up with new ideas other than just creating captivating ads. Your success depends on your ability to convince potential clients of purchasing products. A great marketer can know motivations behind people decisions to buy products, knowledge of trigger words to use in ads and the overall psychology behind people‚Äôs decisions. (more…)

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? You are probably familiar with salesclerks who promote products from other businesses and earn a commission on total sales. Affiliate marketing is an online version of that, but quite different. In affiliate marketing, you make money by just recommending some items to people so that they can purchase them. Affiliate marketing has four key players; the merchant, the affiliate, the network and the customer. A person making the promotion efforts is called the affiliate or the publisher. The merchant is the brand or the retailer who hires the promotional services of the affiliate(s). The network is a medium that avails offers to the affiliate to pick from and settles all the payments. The customer is the person who gets the promotional message and responds by purchasing the items. Since affiliate marketing has become sophisticated with time, other secondary players such as super affiliates, specific third party vendors and affiliate management agencies are now considered to be part it. For instance, affiliate management agencies come in the middle of a merchant and the affiliate to advice and protect the welfare of an affiliate while a super affiliate is an affiliate who can produce results worth several smaller affiliates. Although some small companies can rely on just one affiliate for marketing, many companies tend to have several affiliates.

It is quite hard to tell apart affiliate marketing and other internet marketing methods because they both use regular advertising methods such as e-mail marketing (where you broadcast campaigns to your clients using the email list) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization, where you do marketing by influencing the visibility of your page on search engine results) and display advertisement (ads in the form of images and videos).

Payment varies depending on the merchant. PC world, for instance, hands out a 5% commission for every purchase made by a visitor to the affiliate behind the transaction. This appears small, but affiliates stand to benefit from the PC Worlds brand awareness. As a result, more sales can be made on a regular basis thus significantly helping the affiliate. Established retailers tend to pay the least commission, at least 1% but with greater brand awareness benefits to the affiliate. Recommendation involving digital products earns the most commission, right up to 75%. Beauty and health products earn the average commission of around 30%.

It is easy to become an affiliate since no pre-requisites are required. You can get suitable merchants to promote by just searching them using a search engine.