7 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Own Wedding

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weddingWedding plans on the way? Planning your own wedding can be a challenging task for couples. There are a lot of things to consider. In order to help you plan, here are seven things that you should know before planning your own wedding.

Determine your wedding guests. Start listing down the people that you would be inviting. Do not worry about the list being small. It will grow eventually. In addition to determining the people that you will invite, you should also have an idea of who will be coming in from overseas or would travel in order to come to your wedding. This way, you will know whom you need to find accommodations, especially if this person will be one of the sponsors for your wedding.


Allocate a wedding budget. It is important that you have a fixed budget that is solely for the wedding. One good strategy would be to open a joint bank account where the couple would deposit all their funds that are intended for the wedding. This money should not be spent on anything else except to pay for the oxfordshire wedding venue or to get Kevin the wedding photographer. This way, it is easier to manage and see how much is being spent and how much remains after a series of payments have been made. It is also easier to track the expenses this way and will facilitate ease in checking calculations after the wedding.

Look for the wedding venue. You and your partner may already have a wedding venue in mind. However, it is possible that the wedding venue may not be available on your wedding date or too costly for you or too small for the number of guests that you have. The weather during your wedding date should also be taken into consideration in choosing for a wedding venue. You wouldn’t want your guests’ hair and makeup with the rain, would you? It is best to look for reviews of the wedding venues online before you finally decide.

Understand that the wedding date may not be the date you will marry. Because of some circumstances like, weather and non-availability of the venue, you may consider changing your wedding date. As such, this may mean that you may have to call your guests whom you sent the wedding invitations to. If you haven’t distributed the wedding invitations, you may need to go to the wedding invitation artist or supplier and make the necessary changes before it finally gets printed.

Wedding dress for the entourage. Choosing the fabric and taking measurements may take time. As such, you should be able to contact a good tailor or dress shop that can provide the wedding entourage dresses in due time. Looking for them may take time, especially if those you already have contacted already have existing wedding dresses to finish ahead of your orders.

Wedding photographers. If you are getting married in the wedding months, you may find it difficult to book for wedding photographers available. If you do, you may not get the wedding photographer you want to cover your wedding. As such, it is advisable that you book early so that you won’t have to haggle with the photographer’s schedule.

Wedding document prerequisites. Before you do any planning, you should secure all the necessary permits and documents in order to ensure that your wedding ceremony is in order. In your desire to get everything done at the earliest possible time, you may forget the most important – documents to authenticate the wedding ceremony that is about to happen.

When you have taken note of these seven important considerations, make sure that you have a contingency plan for every aspect of the wedding. Make sure that you have alternative suppliers to help your wedding plans become a reality.


Survey: Why Planners Hesitate to Adapt to New Technology

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In a new study by The X Letter, 84 percent of occasion coordinators state it is essential to visitors that conferences and occasions include the latest innovation. While 42 percent stated it was essential, an additional 42 percent said it was somewhat essential, and no participants stated it was not at all crucial. Fourteen percent claimed brand-new modern technology was merely a bit essential.


Questionnaire respondents additionally agreed on the leading aspect keeping them from embracing brand-new tech solutions: 77 percent named budget plans or prices as an aspect. Fourteen percent stated their occasion team is insusceptible to transform, while 37 percent claimed administration or customers were resistant. Some coordinators admitted their own unwillingness too: A quarter of respondents confessed “I do not totally know what’s out there,” and 12 percent claimed their own anxiety of prospective problems was an element. Twelve percent also said current technology isn’t able.

The report also explains 10 huge modern technology fads altering real-time occasions, consisting of virtual reality, signs, N.F.C. / R.F.I.D., Big Information, and real-time attendee analytics. It likewise notes 7 points that event coordinators want from technology now, including better combination of preparing devices and the next generation of event applications.

The survey is part of a brand-new fad record, “The Next Tech Trends for Live Occasions & Encounters,” published by The X Letter and composed by Chad Kaydo, the former publisher in principal of BizBash.

What technology are you using? Are you hesitant to try new technology to ease your work? Tell us what you think in the comment below.


Entrepreneurs Need to Attend Events

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Right here at Eventus, we get the opportunity to work with some truly established business owners that are pursuing their interests and changing the world, one brand-new company at a time. Whether recurring meetups, launching events or speaking events, we do it all.

Brand Exposure

Several local business are already acquiring excellent direct exposure through social networks and other networking stations, however there is still power in face-to-face events. Combining individuals at an occasion is a crucial way to broaden your brand name direct exposure. You demand attention when you have a group of a couple of hundred individuals. Whether from neighboring places, print advertisements at the event or otherwise, you are drawing in attention from folks who might not have found you online.


Mingle with your target audience

There is NOTHING like making a direct connection with among your followers. People buy from brands that they could attach to and the very best means to link your fans to your brand is via an emotional connection. If they attend an event and make fantastic connections, feel influenced, are impressed by your job, they will certainly come back again and again.

When was the last time YOU held an event? Maybe big or small, yet you have to be “out” there and associating with your target audience regularly via face-to-face events.